i should go sleep now.. goodnight/goodmorning to all of you lovely people. you’re all AWESOME AND WONDERFUL! have a nice day/night :) 

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All hail Kim Joonmyun

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my shower has two temperatures; winter is coming and fire cannot kill a dragon

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six selfies of 2014 ; tagged by dyoshite

thanks for tagging me heidi ^^ i am kind of hesitating if i should do this tho.. sorry for my dumb face OTL

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six selfies of 2014; tagged by dyominos!

thank you for tagging, haha :) i’m not as beautiful as you are, though ;u;

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Jaeyeol helping Kangwoo confess to his crush

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get to know me meme: k-pop edition

MALE GROUPS [1/5] | exo

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Oscar Wilde, The Picture of Dorian Gray

kyungsoo - “it’s ok,it’s love” - kangwoo is only jaeyeol’s imagination

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you know

i thought kyungsoo just had a ordinary character, kangwoo, who was an ecstatic inspiring author

and it was all sweet

but he isn’t even real god damn

just jaeyeol’s imagination


who knew shit went that deep


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